Minute Entry July 26,2011

MINUTE ENTRY 7-26-2011

Mr, Garrison (debtors council) reviewed this matter for the court, stating that this case may result in conversion.

Ms. Chan had no objection to a continuance and raised the issue involving the customer list.

Mr. Garrison responded.


Continued: Sept 8, 2011 

Anonymous Share Count.

How many MyPhotoPipe shares are you holding?

Authorized 800,000,000 
Outstanding 315,879,277 

9,472,666 shares accounted for; equaling 2.998% of the float

Inside Holdings ~ Statement of Financial Affairs

Thomas B._____5.684%
Peter C._______8.103%
Robert Q._____6.174%
David S.______5.761%
Lou T.________6.835%
Greg S._______8.477%
==========  41.034%

*unsure if the 8.826% of Scottrade shares are "our" shares*

Declaration of Mr. Quick (CEO) In Support of Chapter 11 Filing & First Day Motion

Declaration of Voluntary Filing